alGas Biotechnology Incorporated is a research and development company focused on innovative ways to use biotechnology and nanotechnology concepts.  We are investigating ways to use polymer engineering and protein engineering to make electro chemical battery systems better.

We believe intrinsically conductive polymers present a new opportunity for translation into electro-engineering design.  Batteries present a relatively simple simple system which is well defined and offers a unique opportunity for tuning.

Biomass has been demonstrated useful as a host bed for catalyst for electrochemical systems.  We believe biomass offers a high surface area matrix useful for creating anodes and cathodes which have high surface area for electrochemistry.

We’re exploring the use of polymer membranes for battery separators.  We have found membranes are able to do tricks under specified conditions which allow the energy system to charge rapidly and discharge in accordance with the demands of the application.

We are currently seeking a deeper understanding of concepts of protein engineering and figuring out ways to apply protein design into making the surfaces of our battery components optimized for performing oxidation and reduction reactions.  We believe we can use the side chains of our intrinsically conductive polymers to accelerate and or control the rate of the oxidation reduction reaction in battery systems.