Welcome to the info page for alGas Biotechnologies Incorporated.

alGas Biotechnologies Incorporated is a private company registered in Oakland, CA, that manufactures rechargeable, non-toxic, biodegradable, injection-moldable batteries. Our company started as a home-based project centered on small-scale algae cultivation in a garage in Richmond, California. After achieving consistently high production goals for algae biomass, we explored potential uses for this biomass, first as a source of liquid fuels for transportation, and now as a source of raw material for the production of biodegradable batteries.

We are currently optimizing our first commercial prototypes for applications in wearable technology and electric transportation.

In the near future, we will integrate wastewater treatment, the production of valuable chemicals and battery manufacture using algae as a catalyst and raw material and taking advantage of tools developed for synthetic biology and synthetic ecology.

We seek to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, treat wastewater, synthesize commercial compounds and manufacture innovative solutions for energy storage using the vastly unexplored power of algae.

Please email us with any questions: info@algasbiotech.com

Adam Freeman
Chief Executive Officer
alGAS Biotechnologies Incorporated



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